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You are not alone: Family stories

Seattle Seahawk and his family want to shine a light on sickle cell disease
Bobby Engram didn't know. Neither did his wife, Deanna. They found out when Deanna was pregnant with their first child that they both had sickle cell trait and had passed the gene on to their baby.

Bone-marrow transplant gives girl normal life
An act of sisterly love cured Elizabeth Oriade. The 10-year-old Mountlake Terrace girl is now healthy, her sister Abi's blood flowing smoothly through her veins.

Teen relishes sickle cell camp, where there's no need to explain
Outside of the camp she attends each summer, 15-year-old Tiara Boutte doesn't have any friends with Sickle Cell in common. ''It's hard for people who don't have it to really understand it,'' says the Renton High School sophomore, who gets tired of explaining the disease for that very reason.

Teen with sickle cell wants to increase awareness of disease
Like any other 15-year-old girl, Klairyssa Poe has been known to talk back and roll her eyes. She has chores and homework and a boyfriend and spends way too much time on the telephone, at least according to her mother.

Therapeutic Touch
Therapeutic Touch when used appropriately can be an excellent therapy. Click the link below to read more about the Therapeutic Touch class held at Seattle Children's hospital and see pictures of Esther Musah with her older sister, Josie receiving Therapeutic Touch and Joanna with child life specialist Ashley.